6 Ways Pharma Companies Efficiently Leverage Search-Based Applications (SBA)

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Leading pharma companies are facing big challenges every day. In an ever-more competitive industry, it becomes crucial for these organizations to achieve the following objectives:

  • Speed up submission of New Drug Applications to reduce costs for new drugs development
  • Make educated decisions to continue or stop drug trials based on all clinical trial data available
  • Provide researchers with a unified access across the entire organization to all structured and unstructured data from both internal and external wide variety of sources
  • Drive innovation, accelerate research and shorten Drug Time-to-Market
  • Foster cooperation in R&D while respecting information governance and security
  • Optimize clinical trials and catalyze drug repositioning

Below, we will highlight 6 ways a pharma company can use real-time Big Data Search and Analytics to leverage Search Based Applications (SBA) and raise its competitiveness:

1. Quickly Establish a Network of Experts

You can find a network of experts, e.g. for a drug repositioning project, you will be looking for experts on the related drug, molecules and their Mechanism of Action, medical experts, geneticists, biochemists, etc. For example, you can get an “Expert Graph” calculated from the “footprint” experts leave in texts and data. You can also “link” people by their joint appearance in a document, even to the point of requiring that they be mentioned in the same sentence.

2. Find Scientific Partners/CROs

Similar to the network of experts within your own company, you can extend your search for experts on R&D topics to external research organizations in order to identify the most promising collaboration partners in a given field.

3. R&D Intelligence

Another important point is to discover knowledge in a particular field and detect correlations by sentence-level co-occurrence of topics across all your documents.

4. R&D News Alerts

The access to the latest scientific information of your field with automatic alerts may be of great interest. Via this information, you can discover research trends in your field. This Search Based Application must cover millions of documents: all accessible external data sources, e.g. publications, Embase, Medline, Scopus, clinical trial reports, etc. Internal sources, e.g. SharePoint, Documentum, etc.

5. R&D Search by Chemical Structures

Another way to leverage your SBAs is being able to simply “throw” a drawing of a molecular structure in the search platform, by a drag-and-drop of a .mol description file and automatically detect the drugs using this molecule, their scientific and brand names, the diseases treated with these drugs, etc.

6. Optimize Clinical Trials

You can transform your growing clinical trials data to a valuable asset by building an app that lets you search content with very precise criteria and retrieve subjects that have shown certain diseases by specifying exact or fuzzy values on the right variable for instance. You can also search datasets based on the structure and metadata and search across many drugs and studies, merging current data silos.

Curious to get some concrete use cases at leading pharma companies among our customers? Please download our Life Sciences whitepaper or contact our team for more details!

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