What About Having 140+ Connectors To All Your Enterprise Data Sources?

An Enterprise Search platform only deserves its name if it connects easily to all or at least most your data sources. If you need access to a data source, you want to have it now, not in 3 months’ time.  Or rather: you need to have it now.

Sinequa offers more than 140 indexing connectors ready for use, developed by our R&D team who can thus control quality and performance. The connectors are non-intrusive, meaning they do not alter in any way the contents and data to be indexed – and they “remember” access rights to all data. Moreover, Sinequa provides a generic connector as a template for developing any additional connectors you may need.

The Sinequa R&D team has continued to develop new connectors to data sources, now at a total of 140 (including PTC Windchill, Mongo DB, Scality, Office 365, box…), as well as to refine language analysis in the 20 languages covered by Sinequa, specifically in Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

You want to go into the cloud? We are already waiting for you.

The Sinequa platform integrates with the major cloud offerings, in particular with Amazon Web Services (AWS) such that customers can benefit from an “elastic” computing facility hosted on the Amazon cloud, and from certain services specific to AWS. The “elasticity” of Sinequa on AWS lets customers instantly scale computing resources to their requirements at each moment in time, be it for the indexing of a large new data source or when adding a large number of users spread across geographical regions.

An Out-Of-the-Box Connectivity to the most widespread structured and unstructured data sources facilitates and accelerates the integration of the Sinequa Big Data & Search platform with your IT landscape. This makes Sinequa projects most often an order of magnitude shorter than the big IT projects (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) that IT departments have painfully grown used to in the past.

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