Have You Heard About SBA “AppStores”?

You are overwhelmed with business data coming from diverse and multiple data sources and with demands from various user populations to make use of this data? In that case you should look at how to construct your own App Store!

You may be wondering “How on earth am I going to that?”

But our customers achieved it! They built their own SBAs on the top of our advanced search & analytics platform. And now, they have created an “SBA factory” serving all kinds of business needs.

Sinequa ES is designed for high performance content analytics across functions and industries, it offers a powerful platform to create search-based applications (SBA) with hitherto unimaginable speed. This allows them to create Apps for any operational, individual and data need.


Our unique content analytics, including Natural Language Processing, produce a “rich” index, with information added on top of the original sources: meta-information, concepts and relationships between contents, etc. Only such a rich index can serve as a platform for an abounding and ever-growing set of Search Based Applications (SBA): Its richness ensures that even the SBAs you haven’t thought of as yet will find the information they need to serve their users in the index. If you need to delve into the original data sources, Apps become too difficult to construct.

Our customer AstraZeneca’s vision is to have Search nourish their next generation of business intelligence software and help create new applications. They have created a particularly innovative “App Store”.

Curious now to know more about these Apps and see how they have been deployed?

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