The Heat in The Trend Point: May 20 to May 24

In The Trend Point over the past week we have seen rumblings about business intelligence solutions of the past and present and the push many companies are making to deliver solutions based around an efficient and intuitive user experience.

The need for solutions with an easy to use interface is clear. Echoing this sentiment, the post “Business Intelligence Bolstered with Semantic Capabilities” quotes the following from a recent Wired article:

One of the key obstacles in bringing intelligence to BI is interpreting the vast store of data correctly and harvesting the pertinent business ‘stories.’ The end user must understand the context of their data to look for relevant events. A meaningful analytics solution helps users identify actionable business insights rather than generate more reports that lead to ‘paralysis by analysis.’

The trust developed between a user and an app is a sacred bond. The article “BI Solutions Need To Address End Users and Analysts Needs” calls for more enterprise oriented apps to be such trusted sources of information. The following information was relayed in this post:

…knowledge workers suffer not only from information overload, but also from functionality overload. End-users are not analysts. When individuals need to check the weather, they do not perform a detailed analysis of the weather patterns. They trust what the weather app says. Similarly, business users want apps that deliver them the trusted information they need to do their jobs. From this perspective, the consumerization of BI can only be driven by technologies that turn the classic enterprise BI portal into a BI app store, where end users can go and select targeted, specific apps that address their concrete questions.

In “Intelligent Business More than just Business Intelligence we saw the following summary about where BI is headed:

Business intelligence is passé. Now it’s the intelligent business, and this shift is more than a simple name flip…This flip from data-driven decisions beginning inside your company and pushed to the outside world to outside data happening in real time being the driver of your company’s inside operations means big changes for the traditional business intelligence and business analysis vendors. And, of course, those changes present opportunity for the intelligence upstarts.

Traditional BI is not propelling businesses into success as it completely misses the mark on unstructured data. However, solutions like Sinequa’s Unified Information Access extends the view of classical BI to unstructured data, thus helping to make better use of existing reports on all levels of management. Moreover, this technology utilizes nifty linguistic and semantic analysis features that produce structures in the masses of unstructured data. Now that sounds like the makings of a system for an intelligent business.

Jane Smith, May 29, 2013

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