The Heat in the Trend Point May 6 to May 10

Many shifts in digital and technology companies are taking place currently. It is not just the major players either; though search giant Google made quite a few appearances in articles covered by The Trend Point over the past week.

As far as trends with the capability for disruption, cloud technologies are revisited in “Aryaka Infographic Offers Snapshot of Cloud.” The article reveals the current state of demand:

…the general theme we repeatedly saw is that today’s enterprise organizations have a high demand for skilled IT staff, and 24/7/365 IT coverage. A big driver of this demand is the shift of data storage, collaboration tools, networking services, and other applications to the cloud. With so much information and access now available through the cloud, organizations can work much more efficiently across multiple locations…

Search has also been a constant topic of conversation. In the consumer arena we found an interesting update in “A Look at Facebook Graph Search.” This article quotes the following evaluation from Tools Journal:

Using natural language processing (NLP), Facebook is slowly trying to bring users to a different side of the search world. Till now we were all used to enter random keywords, or at the most – writing complete sentences – on Google, but not anymore. Facebook, if successful, is set to change the course of history by being the more ‘human’ search engine. It doesn’t really compete with Google’s web search as of now but sometime in the future it will. NLP will help it distinguish itself from conventional search engines in a number of ways, while also providing comfort to its users.

Consumer trends are bleeding further into the enterprise and reports like SRCH2 Attempts Google Style Search for Enterprise” confirm this melding of the two formerly separate worlds. The article reports:

But Google isn’t the be-all and end-all for search. The newly launched startup SRCH2 doesn’t focus on standard web search, a space inhabited by Google and Bing. It’s offering a new take on ‘enterprise search. We are trying to make enterprise search more Google-like,’ said SRCH2 CEO Dev Bhatia [right] in a phone interview. ‘And make Google search available across all handsets and devices,’ he explained.

Riding on the tails of success by attaching a name to Google, any other major player or trendy concept like the cloud is an interesting move. The summation of all of these trends adds up to a focus on the user experience and on agility for the enterprise. There are those enterprise tools that emphasis efficiency, connectivity and flexibility and there are those legacy tools that do not. Unified Information Access has carved out a unique position within the larger group of forward thinking companies focused on an intuitive user experience.

Jane Smith, May 15, 2012

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