The Heat in the Trend Point April 29 to May 3

Big data has been a hot topic for years now, but like any trend there are ebbs and flows. In The Trend Point, we saw lots of rumbling around big data this past week.

Different file types, applications and devices are often discussed in terms of the variety aspect of big data. However, with an increasing focus on natural language processing, “Sinequa Talks Big Data in Asia” reminds of the variety inherent in multiple languages:

‘This trip allowed us to consolidate the first exchanges with big Japanese players of the digital economy that we had started during the December trip to Tokyo, and that we could not have achieved without the support of UBIFrance’ states Alexandre Bilger, CEO of Sinequa. ‘We have seen a growing awareness amongst our Asian contacts of our capacity to deal with Asian and European languages in great depth and in very large text volumes (“Big Data”) – and of the potential benefits for their business.’

With great amounts of data comes a great amount of responsibility. One article, “Enterprise File Sharing,” suggests a scenario that IT professionals face dealing with security issues involved in wrangling big data and multiple applications:

We know why you have a policy against online file sharing apps. Your job is to maintain control of company information and most file sharing apps make that impossible. Psst. You’ve already lost control. The latest new app is spreading through your enterprise like wildfire, jumping firewalls onto rogue devices and burning up the public cloud. The only way to put out the fire is to offer better, easier file sharing.

We learned even more about a big data story that has continued to make headlines: HP’s acquisition of Autonomy. In the interview posted in “HP Forges Ahead with Autonomy Plans,” VP Robert Youngjohns states:

Sharpen up big data analytics with a theme that will be machine augmented human intelligence, and which aims to provide enterprises with solutions to problems and contained in the vast swathes of information tacked in there…and we’ll be tackling that using IDOL and our expertise. There will be a lot more in the information governance space that will involve linking all the components and putting policy management at the center.. and in WCM… new capabilities in June and that is going to be real exciting.. we’re going to provide the enterprise back end with great analytics….

Some doubt is cast on these great plans by the law suit of  HP investors reported in this article in The Register: “HP knew Autonomy was a duff buy, claim HP shareholders in $1bn suit”, putting in doubt the quality of the Autonomy technology and its user interface.

Cycling back around to the first article, it is vital that companies providing a big data solution take a globalized approach to data. Content analytics technology from Sinequa is uniquely poised to address the volume, variety, velocity and value of big data in our increasingly globalized world. The emphasis on capabilities for multiple languages is a selling point for many of their clients in addition to the flexibility and scalability of their grid architecture which offers complete security an enables effective data governance.

Jane Smith, May 8, 2013

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