The Heat in The Trend Point: April 22 to April 26

Enterprise search does not always get the attention it deserves but recently we have seen a crop of articles on this vital technology in The Trend Point.

An efficient and agile user experience is an incredibly sought after characteristic in enterprise search today. The article cited in “Usability of Enterprise Search Valued” shares the following opinion:

There are too many IT consoles, too many vendors — one for network management, one for help desk, one for application performance,” said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine’s parent company Zoho. Pity the poor admins who have to piece all that information together to figure out what’s going on, or worse, what went wrong. The search function promises these woebegone admins a “Google-like interface” that lets them search on a device name, for example, and get back every instance in which that name crops up.

This has in fact more to do with the search function than with a search interface: Enterprise Search is good at pulling together all relevant information on a given topic, providing the notorious 360° view. In the long run, systems administrators will not want to have a “Google-like” interface to see the 360° view of the problem domain they are working on. They will probably want a mix of dashboards, facets and lists ordered by relevance. Such interfaces will be part of Search Based Applications on top of a Unified Information Access platform (aka as Enterprise Search platform).

A strategic disconnect between IT and business leaders can often drive IT professionals to have to build the case for innovative enterprise search software. In, “Podcast Offers Tips on Building Business Case for Enterprise Search” the following recommendations were given:

*The first steps to take to show business leaders the real value that enterprise search has to offer and convince them it’s time to implement a search program;

*Key questions that project managers and business stakeholders within an organization should ask of themselves when developing a formal enterprise search technology business strategy;

*The change management aspect of putting an enterprise search program in place;

*Liewehr’s take on how to build an enterprise search team and who should be in charge of shepherding the project;

*How enterprise search technology can be used to support; and

*Best practices on how to develop an enterprise search technology review process to ensure adoption and implementation success.

Enterprise organizations of all shapes have a need for enterprise search and while none of the articles referenced here pointed to the innovative aspects of current search technologies that does not mean there are no companies enjoying an advantage because of them. The fact that there are still many mentions purely in regards to enterprise search shows that the core technology is absolutely essential. Of course, semantic capabilities and the spread across structured and unstructured data that Unified Information Access offers are the type of search technologies that will be brining home stronger ROI and the implication of business stakeholders.

Jane Smith, May 1, 2013

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