How Customer Support Affects Customer Experience


Customer support affects customer experience. This is not a radical idea, but the connections are not always clear to all stakeholders. Certainly, devising a viable customer support program can be a challenging proposition. This article looks at the factors that drive strong customer support and how they make a positive impact on customer experience. In the process, the article will differentiate between customer support and customer service, while also examining the role of technologies like enterprise search in enabling positive customer care outcomes.

Why an Insight Engine Is the Secret Weapon of Your Digital Transformation


Most of the world’s content is not on Google: Some 80% of it is housed behind firewalls at the world’s companies and organizations.  Every day, your employees are generating new project ideas, performing R&D, executing financial transactions, serving customers, generating data in business applications and databases, and much, much more – structured data that may or may not be available for search, given its format or where it is stored.